Patty Civalleri will happily come to your location or event to speak to your group. Her excitement for everything in life seeps from every pore when speaking. Your audience will be elated to find out that History and Travel could be so fun and educational ~ at the same time!

Civalleri, a historian and archaeology professional, will cajole and delight your audience with stories, tales, and gossip from famous people of Italian history. Think: "PEOPLE MAGAZINE during the Renaissance Era."​

  • Italian Restaurants ~ "An Evening in Tuscany" (example)
  • High Schools & Universities ~ Michelangelo's Birthday, Art History, Italian History, Travel Abroad, Renaissance History
  • Bookstores & Libraries ~ Book Signings, Story Telling
  • Wineries ~ Any Italian-themed Event
  • Team Building
  • Corporate Travel ~ Italy theme, Renaissance theme
  • Travel Events ~ Funny Stories about traveling to Italy will sell every ticket for you!


A variety of historical tales from all around Italy

  • Execution of a Mad Monk
  • da Vinci's Secret Woman
  • Skull Worship
  • The Plague Doctor
  • Hide me, PLEASE!
  • Signs of the Times
  • ...and more!


One of the GREATEST artists in all of history

  • How did Michelangelo break his nose?
  • Dead Man's Quarry
  • Secret Hideout
  • Sleeping Cupid
  • Drunken Bacchus
  • ...and more


A fun smattering of Renaissance art for Art Beginners

  • 3 Davids
  • Adoration of Botticelli
  • Gates to Paradise
  • The Patience of Mona
  • da Vinci's Lost Painting
  • Medici Madness

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