Leading Lines

Shoot Lines. Lines that create horizontal or vertical or diagonal or even spiraled lines. They could be man-made, like a spiral staircase or an interesting-looking picket fence. They could be in nature, like rows of long narrow clouds, or a field of corn rows. In photography, these are called Leading Lines because they lead the eye all throughout your photo rather than focusing on one single point of interest. Here are some examples:


1 of 2: These 2 photos, although similar, are a terrific example of Leading Lines. In the first photo, you see the boat and maybe the reeds at the top of the picture before you move on.
2 of 2: But in the 2nd photo, the converging parallel lines actually draw your eye past the boat, all the way to the huts in the far background! [I swear… this stuff REALLY WORKS!] 😀




DiveTanks<– I took this photo in Belize. It makes you continue to look into this picture without realizing that you are looking for so long! Cool, eh?



–>A VERY compelling photo of lines. Again, because the lines go in every direction, you can’t help but look through the whole entire photo – not merely 1 single spot.

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