Get High with your Camera

Most photos are taken head-on. Nice. But changing your angle can really change the entire photo – sometimes yielding something wonderfully unexpected!  Try to position yourself over the subject so that your camera is pointed down at it. Or even be bold and look STRAIGHT DOWN at it. You’ll see that the story changes completely! Here are some of my fav ‘Get High’ shots:



I took this shot in a little town on the Amazon River. I took a ton of shots from the water level, but then I saw a rickety-looking scaffolding that went out over the water where the heavily-laden banana boats were arriving with their new harvest. Climbing carefully, I looked down just as this handsome fellow was arriving with his wares.






One of my fav ‘High’ shots was taken from the top of the Bonaventure Hotel (L.A.). Looking down at my friend as he rappels  32 floors down to the bottom – right into the waiting arms of downtown Los Angeles! My shots from the ground looking up were ok, but not quite as cool as from this angle looking down.







Grant it. Shooting from airplane windows rarely results in decent photos. But as poor as the quality is, I liked seeing the Amazon River from this angle. Who knew that it has so many twists & turns? Pretty tough to notice them from the ground.

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