As an active Graphic Designer since 1991, I was fortunate enough to learn the trade using the ‘old school’ ways from the printing industry. That experience gave me a firm understanding of things like DPI, RGB vs CMYK, designing for the screen vs. designing for print, etc. Along came the Internet. I was so enthralled with its possibilities that I was the first person on my block to learn to create a Website. The ability to use my Graphic Design skills to create stuff in a digital environment was hugely liberating!

Then along came Digital Cameras. Again I was so enthralled with their possibilities that I was the first person on my block to own a Digital Camera. This was the perfect environment for me to learn about photography. And boy, did I!

Fast forward a few years…

I found myself involved with the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA during 2001. I have since traveled with the world’s greatest archaeologists to very remote corners of our world to photograph both active as well as non-active dig sites. And what a true privilege and total thrill this has been.

All along the way, I honed and perfected my photography skills, web design skills, attained a teaching-level knowledge of Photoshop, and have created and maintained well over 200 websites.

As I traveled the ancient world with the Institute, I looked high & low for a particular kind of travel book in every city I visited: I wanted a book that was both highly visual, and well, smart. I wanted to learn in depth about each place and its history, but I did not want to commit to a dry, historical tome. I wanted the knowledge spoon-fed conversationally. And I wanted it to be fast and fun – not bleedingly dull.

After years of scouring each city and finding only me-too versions of corporate templatized travel books, I decided to write the first one myself.

And so you have it. I combined all of the above learned and practiced skill sets, and produced my first book. “FLORENCE – A Traveler’s Guide to its GEMS & GIANTS.”  After reading and traveling with it, please let me know if I have managed to meet my own goals of the type of book I was originally looking for. And more than that, do let me know if this book helped you to further enrich your own travel goals and experiences in Florence.
Fondest wishes and Happy Travels!

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