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Patty Civalleri's new series of Italy Travel Books is the most innovative series in over 15 years. As a 17-year archaeology associate, historian, photographer, and world traveler, Civalleri brings her light conversational style to Italy's visitors.

"When visiting an ancient city, it seems incomplete to visit just the restaurants, bars, and hotels," stated Civalleri. "But history is too difficult for most people to grasp when they are being rushed through an old city."

To bring the traveler closer to the historical heart of a city, Patty makes it easy for a time-strapped visitor by incorporating back-stories, trivia, vignettes, and factoids into her books. All of this is laid out between hundreds of photos and images to make the knowledge-grab visual, simple, and easy.

Civalleri has been amassing quite a list of awards and trophies for these books, and is now having fun as a speaker.

This series was written using today's style for today's travelers.

We are pleased to announce "Behind the Fig Leaf" to be released Summer 2019. This unabashed look at the Florentine Renaissance goes behind the scenes and into the minds of the artists, architects and influencers of that period. The tales are both humorous as well as educational, and was written to ignite interest in the Renaissance in readers without a prior knowledge or interest in art history. A terrific and visual read that will compel you to want to visit that period in history.

All books by Patty Civalleri are distributed by IPG/MidPoint Trade, and can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, and at bookstore or airport near you.


​"​While this work looks like a traditional Florence guidebook, the author's expert use of facts and illustrations sets it above the rest.​""

​Kirkus Reviews​ ~

​"With no direct competition in the travel guidebook arena, it is a game-changer for travelers that want to know more than simply where to eat or drink. ​Patty ​always has a smile on her face; she put this smile on every page of the book."
Dr. Zahi Hawass ~ Former Egyptian Minister of Antiquities, Archaeologist, Travel Book Author,Nat Geo Explorer in Residence

​"​Ms. Civalleri takes the reader on a virtual walk through the ancient walled city, pointing out people and places, sharing the tales and trivia of the place that defined the Renaissance. The book immediately grabs your attention and makes you want to dig deeper and know more."
Dr. ​Jane Close Conoley ~ ​President CSULB
(California State University in Long Beach)

​"​One word for this book: fantastic!
This book is so different from any tour book you will find around. The well-researched information, the beautiful pictures, and the easy to access and informative text make this very enjoyable book a must-have for every person traveling to Florence, whether it is their first time in the city or they a long-time Florence visitors, to fully understand and enjoy this fabulous city.

Sebastian Fagarazzi ~ ​​President,


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